H.O.M.E PLAN is the first of its kind in the continent of Africa; it’s a concept borne out of passion to give the middle and low class the opportunity of owning their home with just N10,000.

H.O.M.E Plan with Its Ultimate Networking System Is an Affordable and Simplified Solution to A Complicated and Expensive World of owning a house in Nigeria

HOME PLAN is the first and only Nigeria’s Real Estate Acquisition community through Multi-Level Marketing Network. With HOME PLAN scheme, the middle and low-income earners can own a 3 bedroom bungalow without having to buy a block. HOMEPLAN is initiated by Kingbuilder Marketing Management Ltd and Orisun Estates.

KINGBuilder marketing management Ltd is a registered, dedicated, efficient and effective Real Estate company in Nigeria with expertise in Marketing Management, Estate Development and Construction. Our passion is to see housing become like household utensils and to see average Nigerians buy plots of lands like sim cards and mobile phones.

Orisun Estates is borne with a passion and mission to provide qualitative mass housing for Nigerians. Orisun Estates is a vision borne by Virtual Media Network Ltd, the owners of the Orisun, Nigezie, Ten and Prime Brands.


To be the pathfinder in real estate sector, delivering good dividends through networking.


To build a world of unlimited access to home ownership with rewarding benefits