Members have the right to build their genealogy tree by introducing and encouraging interested people who are disposed to undergo business training/seminar. Members are responsible for assisting people under them in training and monitoring the activities of their down-lines. Prospective members have the right to choose their sponsors or up-line. Any disputes regarding sponsoring genealogy shall be decided by the organization and such decision shall be final. Members have the option of building a personal marketing team by introducing the Compensation Plan to interested people who are willing to undergo business training. It is the responsibility of such members to assist in the training, and monitor the activity of members of his/her personal marketing team.   Any person electing to enter into the marketing business plan has the right to choose his or her Sponsor. Any disputes regarding Sponsoring genealogy shall be decided by the organization. A sponsoring member must not exaggerate the earning potential of the network in order to make the prospective member join the network. A sponsoring member is required to fully explain the marketing and compensation plans to all prospective members, making sure to stress that the degree of success is directly related to individual effort and ability.


Cross Sponsoring is the term used to define a situation where a member solicits another member is not in their genealogy tree to join under them. This practice is strictly prohibited in H.O.M.E PLAN platform and may result in the imposition of penalties including immediate termination of the members account and participation in the H.O.M.E PLAN Business plan without explanation.