It is as simple as you getting 5 members and each of those 5 members getting their own 5 members and so on till matrix 5×5 is attained. You only get to the next level when each of the members directly under you brings in at least 5 new persons. This means everyone must bring in at least 5 new members. When this happens, your matrix gets filled up without much effort from you. The secret therefore, is you should encourage your down-lines to bring at least 5 members each. You can monitor your growth or genealogy progress in real time within our robust online dashboard assigned uniquely to you alone.

  1. Each time you introduce a new member you get paid 15% per person for level One. However, when you are on level one you only get paid a total of N18,750.00 when you introduce the 5TH member and they all register with N25000 each. Subsequently, you get paid instantly the moment you introduce a new member or immediately your down lines introduce someone in your network. Every 2nd Friday of the week is the Payday. On this day, we get your total earning for the week paid into the account details you supplied to us during your registration.
  2. When level 2 is filled out under you, either by your efforts or the efforts of those under you, you will receive a Laptop. This is aside the referral bonus you get paid weekly if you bring in new people.
  3. Similarly, when Level 3 is filled out either by your efforts or the efforts of those under you, you will receive a Plot of Land in any of dedicated estates in Nigeria for the home plan scheme and an income of 312,500.00. This income and a plot of land can only be gotten when your third level down-line complete referred five people to also register with the same amount as you did. Aside the income earn at this level, you will get free survey plan and legal document which will be registered against your name with the Ministry of Lands.
  4. When Level 4 is filled out, either by your efforts also or the efforts of those under you, you will receive a brand new car, a week vacation in Dubai and an income of N781,250.00.
  5. Finally on Completion of the fifth Level which is 5, you get a 3 Bedroom Bungalow on the plot of land you’ll get in level in the third level with an income of N1,953,125.00.

REWARDS SUMMERY The ultimate reward is your very own neatly built 3 Bedroom Bungalow. You also get a brand new CAR WORTH N3M on Level 4 and a vacation to Dubai for one week, A plot of Land on Level 3 which your 3 Bedroom Bungalow will be built on in the 5th level.